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Automatic-Control Roof Windows

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Automatic-Control Roof Windows

The roof windows, opened and closed with a remote controller, are operated with a wind sensor, rain sensor, and smoke detector, becoming popular with hotels, vacation homes, restaurants, sun rooms, etc.

Remote-Controlled Roof Windows

The modular window system is composed of an extruded aluminum profile as well as a window track beam, wall-mounting panel, water-collecting groove, and supports.
All the parts are manufactured with quality materials that ensure high performance, reliability, and durability.

Waterproof Aluminum Profile 

The track beam, made of extruded aluminum, serves as a supporting beam and a track for the sliding panel at the same time.
The profile with a special cross-section helps to collect rainwater or condensed moisture in the groove.
You can adjust the angle of the roof windows with the wall-mounting panel and the front beam.
Waterproofing mohair can be applied to the window frame profile using the thin and long groove.

Modular System

The modular system can freely increase the width of the roof windows and also the depth by six meters.
The design can be customized for special specifications exceeding the six-meter depth.

Precise Mechanism

The roof window system is operated with a precise gear motor with a remote controller and also a manual switch. For precise operation, the system employs a timing belt with high-tension steel wire together with optional specifications including a wind detector, rain detector, and smoke detector.